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Fool-proof way to freeze morels

Man, it’s been a llllooooooonnnnnggggggg time since we’ve had this kind of spring for morel mushrooms. I’ve been getting photos of buckets and big dish pans full of the wonderful-tasting mushrooms.

Some people have picked upwards of 50 pounds in the past week or so. I have friends with several hundred big ‘shrooms stored in their fridg.

One problem, though, is what to do with the excesses – BESIDES GIVE THEM ALL TO ME – because most attempts at freezing result in soggy morels that stay mushy when cooked and fall apart too easily.

This week Colette and Lonny Travis, the couple featured on Sunday’s outdoors page, came up with method that seems to work well.

Lonny said he breads the morels like normal, the browns them for just two minutes per side. Colette freezes them in single layers on cook sheets so they don’t stick together. Once frozen, they’re put in freezer bags.

Lonny said he puts them straight into hot oil from the freezer, and lets them finish cooking. They say it’s by far the best way they’ve ever tried freezing them.

They’ve eaten enough through the years, they should certainly know.