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Farewell to Frank; glad Marshall's staying

Kansans can wish Kansas State University men's basketball coach Frank Martin well in his new endeavor of trying to pull South Carolina out of the SEC basement, and cheer on KSU president Kirk Schulz and athletic director John Currie as they seek a new coach who'll be a positive and lasting asset for the Wildcats, the state and the Big 12. Seeing Martin ditch KSU after five seasons, four NCAA Tournaments and a 117-54 record, it's fair to wonder whether there's any loyalty these days between coaches and colleges. But Wichita State University fans just saw proof of its existence in the announcement that men's basketball coach Gregg Marshall (in photo) plans to stay and build on his five seasons and 109-61 record, which have included a Missouri Valley Conference title and NCAA Tournament bid this season and the NIT Championship last year. Marshall said: "Wichita State is a special place, with great resources, from facilities to academics to people." And a great men's basketball team, thanks in large part to Marshall.