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EagleMed adds Garden City helicopter service

WICHITA — Wichita-based EagleMed and St. Catherine Hospital in Garden City have a new partnership to provide critical-care air medical transport services.

Starting Tuesday, EagleMed will have a Eurocopter AS350 B2 helicopter at the hospital's main campus. It also has a King Air airplane that's been in use for a dozen years.

"Airplanes are typically used to go from hospital to hospital," says spokesman Robbie Copeland. "The airplane is limited. It has to go where there's an airport."

The helicopter, though, can go to the scene of accidents. It also can get to western Kansas hospitals that aren't close to airports. Copeland says the helicopter will work in a 100-mile radius of Garden City.

"It's an additional resource that has the ability to respond to accidents within the community and bring them back to St. Catherine."

EagleMed has 24 medically equipped aircraft and has been operating in the Midwest since 1981.