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Torturer in chief?

Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry endorsed "enhanced interrogation techniques" in a GOP presidential debate Saturday. Cain said he opposes torture but would reinstate water-boarding and would leave it up to the military to decide what constituted torture. Only candidates Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul denounced water-boarding. Huntsman said: "I've been an ambassador for my country three times. I've lived overseas and done business. We diminish our standing in the world and the values that we project that include liberty and democracy, human rights and open markets when we torture. We should not torture. Water-boarding is torture." Paul also criticized other GOP candidates for supporting the assassination of U.S. citizens who are suspected of terrorism, which President Obama has done. "They're giving this power to the president to be the prosecutor, the executor, the judge and the jury," he said.

Pearce had support from Brewer and dozens of other elected Republican officeholders, but he was dogged by disclosures that he accepted numerous free trips from the Fiesta Bowl to out-of-state college football trips. He said he took the trips at the bowl’s request to help support its economic role in the state.

While Lewis’ campaign drew support and contributions from hundreds of Mesa residents, Pearce outspent his 54-year-old challenger by more than a 3-1 ratio.

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