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Globe atop former Welch Cleaners space attracts attention, but it's the building that's for sale

WICHITA — The building at 749 N. Broadway is for sale, but that’s not what’s attracting attention.

The globe atop the building is what people seem to be interested in buying.

“Some of them, they offer me a couple of thousand dollars,” says owner Evan Nguyen. “I’m laughing. I don’t know why they’re crazy about it.”

At this point, Nguyen won’t sell the globe separately.

Welch Cleaners used to be in the building, which Nguyen has been renovating for some time.

He’s covered the building in stucco, renovated the interior, added new heating and cooling and installed a new ceiling and roof.

“Everything’s new.”

Nguyen thought he might open his own business there. He considered a smoke shop but decided against it.

“With this economy . . . I am afraid to open another business.”

He already has five convenience stores in the area.

QuikTrip is across the street from his building.

Nguyen is asking $165,000 for the 1,200-square-foot space. He says he spent almost $100,000 on remodeling.

He says it’s hard getting that money back, but he has no regrets about the renovation.

“No, because that’s a good corner for the city.”