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Friday musings

* Tough to be the Nebraska football team today, I suspect, as it prepares for a game against Penn State at Happy Valley on Saturday. The Huskers are caught in a storm, not of their doing. And I would guess that anybody who is not a Nebraska fan will be rooting for the Nittany Lions in this one, given what those players have been through this week and given that it’s Senior Day at Penn State.

* I know I’ll be watching this game. I would suspect most people would, even non-football fans.

* I’m happy Penn State assistant Mike McQueary won’t be coaching for Penn State on Saturday. It’s too bad that threats against him are the reason. Penn State officials should have never let it get to that. Hard to believe that Penn State officials made another mistake, isn’t it?

* On to happier things. I’m on furlough next week. Oh wait, I don’t get paid on furlough. OK, not so happy.

* I see Albert Pujols is visiting Miami this week to talk with the Marlins. Here we go. It’ll be an interesting four or five weeks for me as the St. Louis Cardinals name a new manager and deal with the potential loss of an iconic player.

* I’ve been watching a lot of the MLB Network this week. It’s always difficult for me to let go of the baseball season.

* Nice, nice game by Oakland quarterback Carson Palmer last night. He threw only 20 passes, but his 14 completions gained 299 yards. Meanwhile, San Diego’s Philip Rivers continued his mediocre season, completing only 23 of 47 passes for 274 yards. The Raiders showed me something last night by going into San Diego and winning. But what’s up with the Chargers?

* Perhaps what’s up with the Chargers is the fact that they played on a Monday night, then a Sunday, then a Thursday. Three games in 11 days. Still, I love having the option of watching an NFL game on Thursday night. Thank you, NFL Network.

* Two of my favorite comedies were on Thursday night. “The Office” is really gaining momentum. I thought it was outstanding Thursday night, especially the performance of Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute and the company band segment with Andy, Kevin and Daryl. Funny, funny stuff. But “Parks and Recreation,” was a disaster. Stop trying so hard, writers. Your show is dangerously close to jumping the shark.

* If you’re not watching “Homeland” on Showtime, you’re missing a show I predict will win multiple Emmy’s next year. As in three or four. Which is multiple, I believe.

* I still think “The Walking Dead” is an outstanding show, but I’m growing tired of the search for the missing little girl. Find her already.

* Don Rickles is set to woo Betty White on the new season of “Hot in Cleveland” that begins Nov. 30 on TV Land. If that’s not must-see TV, I don’t know what is.

* Sounds as if the NBA players might vote on a contract proposal this weekend, one that player’s union head Billy Hunter doesn’t like. The NBA owners have dug in their heels on this and obviously are prepared to nix the entire season. If there is to be an NBA season, the players will have to give in. I suspect many of them are ready to do just that. It’s just a matter of how many. How solid is their union? We’re about to find out.

* I can’t say I miss the NBA, because I watch such a limited amount of games during the regular season. But it’s noticeable to me that a work stoppage is underway. I at least like being able to stop on a game for a few minutes as a flip through channels.

* I can’t imagine what it must be like to be on strike as an athlete whose timetable for production is so limited, as it is for professional basketball players.

* As Americans, we are indebted to our military and to our veterans who have served to make this the greatest country in the world. As someone who did not serve, I feel especially compelled to thank those who did. It’s an incredible sacrifice you made or are making. Thank you.

* I’ve been described as “a big Facebook guy.” I suppose I am. I’m not sure I completely understand why.

* I love November and December because of the holidays and the family gatherings. Then come January and February. I just try to get through January and February, whose only attributes are college basketball as far as I can tell.

* Oh, and pitchers and catchers report to spring training in mid- to late-February.

* And Valentine’s Day is in February.

* Come to think of it, February isn’t such a bad month.

* This really hasn’t been interesting of a college football season. Usually there are boiling controversies at this time of the season related to the BCS. But this year, there’s no boil, just some mild simmering.

* As always, thanks for reading. I’ll be back later with my predictions for the football weekend. You sure don’t want to miss those, right?