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Snow day...

I’ll never get tired of seeing blue skies, white ground, green-headed ducks and black dogs. I know thousands of sportsmen feel the same way.

The snow started in western Reno County about dusk on Tuesday. All the while bowhunting I was thinking about the next morning’s duck hunt.

The first snow of the year is always special but especially so when enjoyed following dogs for pheasants or watching a spread of decoys from a duck blind.

Clear skies meant Bob Snyder, Andy Fanter and I got to watch ducks work the pond and decoys in dawn’s glow 20 minutes before the start of legal shooting time.

Mallards seemed more common than the days before. Andy used a cord attached to several decoys to make the fakes bob and put action into the otherwise lifeless spread.

The first 45 minute were fast with action and we totally a dozen ducks in a hurry. Then things slowed enough we could enjoy the frosted surroundings.A redhead drake was one of seven species within the 18 ducks taken Wednesday morning. Most were drake mallards.We had our limits of six ducks apiece by about 10 a.m. Most were mallard drakes but we had seven species that also included pintails, widgeon, gadwall, teal and redheads.

I had to take a few pictures to commemorate the day and try out a new little point-and-shoot camera.

There will be more good hunts this season but the one on the first snow always seems to be one of the most enjoyable.