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Q&A with Wichita State's Garrett Stutz

Wichita State senior Garrett Stutz.Wichita State senior center Garrett Stutz made the NIT All-Tournament team in 2011 and earned a spot on the MVC’s All-Bench Team.

Q. Where is your favorite MVC road arena?

A. I kind of like at Missouri State. My brother (Trevor) went to school there, so I went there and watched some games when he was at college there. I’ve got a lot of friends that are at that university.

Q. What is the favorite class you’ve taken at WSU?

A. Probably, business law with Frank Ojile. It’s a subject I’m interested in, because I’ve thought about eventually going back to school and going to law school. He keeps it fun and entertaining while still getting what you need to learn across. He did a really good job with it.

Q. Who is your funniest teammate?

A. Ben Smith. We understand each other. A lot of the other guys . . . we’re different people. So what they think is funny I don’t think is funny. But Me and Ben Smith kind of click.

Q. What do you like about the Shockers in practice?

A. We’ve got a lot of guys that, obviously they’re talented, but they have more of a desire to want to learn. They want to do the right thing, even though a lot of them are young and don’t end up doing the right thing. I think the intention is there, though.