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Q&A with Drake's Ben Simons

Drake junior Ben Simons

Drake junior forward Ben Simons is one of the MVC’s top shooters. He made 48 percent of his shots (ranking seventh in the MVC), 42 percent of his three-point shots (third) and 88 percent of his free throws (22 of 25, which isn’t enough attempts to qualify for the statistical leaders).

Q. Who is a player on your team who will surprise people with his production?

A. I can think of two. Karl Madison, who redshirted last year, is a freshman. He’ll compete for the starting point guard spot. Very quick. Good defender. And also Kurt Alexander, who played a little bit last year. People didn’t really see what Kurt can do. Kurt, in pickup games, is unstoppable. He can score on anybody from anywhere on the floor.

Q. Who is your funniest teammate?

A.  We have a really sarcastic team, I guess you could say. Everybody is joking around with everybody. The two people that I think are the funniest are Cory Parker, a walk-on from Colorado, and David Smith, who is a guard from Illinois. They get everybody going.

Q. What is the best shooter on your team?

A. I’d like to say I am. You know who is probably the best shooter is Coach Nelson, Brett Nelson, our new assistant coach. He played at Florida. He would definitely win a contest. If we played HORSE or had a three-point contest, I think he would win. He’s still got it.

Q. What is the favorite class you’ve taken at Drake?

A. Business law. It was just a really interesting class. You got to learn about a lot of things. It was a hard class, but I really enjoyed the professor and the material.

Q. Do watch the home team’s introduction video when you’re playing on the road?

A. I don’t think so. I’ve seen a couple of them. I know I’ve seen Creighton’s, because it’s so big up on the (scoreboard). But most of the time, if I’m starting, I’m listening to Coach (Mark Phelps). I haven’t watched too many of them.

Q. Where is your favorite MVC road arena?

A. I think, Wichita State. The thing is I’ve never actually played there when the students have been there. So I can just imagine it would be that much better. Just the atmosphere in there is so great. We haven’t had a whole lot of success there, but hopefully that will change this year. The atmosphere there, they way they care about basketball – I’d say that’s the best one.