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Little buck with big ideas

A little mule deer buck in Gove County may have bitten off a bit more than he can chew by threatening a fight with a much older and bigger buck. Mule deer fights aren't usually as violent as those involving whitetailsA buddy happened across this neat photo when he checked a trail camera he has on a Gove County food plot.

Who knows what was going through this 1 1/2-year-old mule deer’s mind when he lowered his antlers against a much older and larger buck.

It’s doubtful any serious pushing was taking place.

From what we watched last week mule deer seldom get in the vicious fights whitetail bucks sometimes have when battling over does or herd dominance.  Several times we watched a larger mule deer buck push another from his herd of does with simple posturing itself to be bigger and badder.

Thursday morning we witnessed two whitetail bucks trying to kill each other for about 15 minutes. Antlers meshed they pushed and shoved over a sizable chunk of prairie. Eventually one quit and was chased about 400  yards across the prairie at full-speed as it left the area.

The winner in the whitetail brawl was the smaller buck with a smaller rack than the loser. Attitude has a lot to do with fights in the wild but I think the little mule deer buck above would need more than just the right frame of mind to do much damage to the larger mule deer buck.