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Pro-con: Media treating Cain fairly?

Herman Cain hopes, maybe even believes, that he can dispatch troublesome questions about sexual harassment allegations by refusing to answer them. The Republican presidential candidate says the charges are "totally false" and that's all anyone needs to know. Next question. Sorry, but America isn't ready to go back to talking about Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan. Politico reported that two female employees left their jobs at the National Restaurant Association in the late 1990s after accusing the president and CEO — now a Republican front-runner — of sexually inappropriate behavior. The women accepted large settlements in return for a pledge not to discuss their allegations. But Politico pieced together enough of their side of the story to warrant some answers from Cain. The road to the White House will not detour around these questions. Answer them. Much of what we've heard so far sounds evasive. Cain might be able to satisfy voters that he was wrongly accused. But they're not going to put up with stonewalling from someone who wants to be president. — Chicago Tribune

Herman Cain stands accused of sexually harassing two women more than a decade ago when he headed the National Restaurant Association. Many in the media wolf pack have already judged him guilty because he updated his initial statement denying the allegations. Is Cain, a relative media novice, expected to have instant and total recall of events that may or may not have happened more than 10 years ago? The way this works is, if you can't give the media immediate and detailed answers to their questions, they "raise new questions." And then when you do provide them additional information, they say you should have provided it before and must be covering something up, prompting even more questions. One cannot say what, if any, political motives the anonymous female accusers might have, or even if they helped bring these charges to Politico. So much of this is subjective. What is known is that a charge of sexual harassment is not proof that sexual harassment occurred. This story also has a noxious odor of racism about it. Historically, perhaps the worst stereotype directed at African-American men is that they are oversexed and constantly on the prowl for female conquests. — Cal Thomas