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Wichita State's gray look

Wichita State's gray jerseyWichita State will wear three jerseys this season, should the Shockers choose. There is white for home games, probably the ones WSU will wear most often. There is yellow for home games. WSU wore the yellow once last season.

The new look is gray, which can be worn home or away. Since WSU doesn’t have black, it’s gray on the road this season.

The gray is, as you can tell from the logo, from Nike’s Jumpman line.“I wanted the gray uniform,” WSU coach Gregg Marshall said. “They’re Jordan, they’re very nice. I think yellow and black trim on gray looks really good.”As far as I know, a gray jersey is a first for the WSU men. WSU, for most of its history, stuck to white and black. It’s possible WSU (or WU or Fairmount) wore gray. Neither radio voice Mike Kennedy nor Eagle columnist Bob Lutz, both of whom have watched Shocker basketball since the 1960s, can remember gray.

Yellow, as far as my memory, is also a relatively recent addition to the rotation. Eddie Fogler may have been the first coach to buy yellow jerseys. In recent seasons, it’s been an infrequent part of the scheme, often depending on whether or not WSU won wearing yellow.

My favorite WSU look remains the Old West font jerseys of the early 1980s (and few of the past Shocker uniforms are memorable). That’s a look WSU never should have dropped. What is your favorite?Former Shocker Cliff Levingston holds a jersey from the early 1980s during a ceremony retiring his jersey.