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Friday musings

* I can’t stand the anonymity technology brings to the discussion. Opinion Lines, message boards, game rooms – it’s all contributing to the deterioration of the country, in my opinion. When I have something to say, I’ll always attach my name to it. One, that immediately decreases the vitriol. Two, it’s the stand-up thing to do. Sorry, just need to get that off my chest occasionally.

* I love Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza on “Parks and Recreation.” I love Nick Offerman on that show, too. And most of the other actors. I guess I love “Parks and Recreation.”

* If Terry Francona wants the St.Louis Cardinals’ managerial job, Terry Francona gets the St. Louis Cardinals’ managerial job. It’s that simple.

* Get him before the Cubs do.

* I didn’t think I would miss the NBA if part of the season was cancelled because of the lockout. And I don’t really miss it, that’s not the thing. I’m just a little bit angry that there are no games being played. Does that make sense? I’m not sure it does. It’s not like I would be watching a lot of NBA yet.

* Kansas State won’t beat Oklahoma State. But the Wildcats need to go to Stillwater on Saturday and compete. I don’t know exactly what I mean by that, but I’ll know it when/if I see it. Kansas State did not compete with Oklahoma in the second half of that game last week in Manhattan. It’s not all about your win-loss record in sports, is it? It’s about stepping up to compete when you’re a big underdog.

* Kansas? Kansas still plays football?

* Cheap shot, cheap shot. I just can’t help it. Kansas plays at Iowa State on Saturday. Tell me, do you think it’s another blowout loss? I kind of do.

* I won’t get to watch the LSU-Alabama game because I’ll be in Stillwater covering K-State. It’s too bad KSU-OSU is a night game. Who will be watching it when the nation’s 1-2 teams are going after one another?

* I’m a sucker for stories about the improvements headed to downtown Wichita. But then nothing seems to happen for weeks, months. Maybe this time really will be different. And there have been some nice changes to downtown, for sure. Just not enough. I keep waiting for the area around the Intrust Bank Arena to start to commercialize.

* Is Wichita a rock and roll town at all? Or are we forever country? You know what I want us to be and it ain’t twang.

* I miss Kwan Court.

* I sometimes get together with a bunch of guys on Wednesday afternoons and the conversation inevitably turns to politics. That’s nothing new, it’s the way it’s been in America for decades. But there’s something that feels more dire now. I’m all for anything that lessens the partisanship in this country. But I’m not sure we’ve found it yet. Or how hard we’re looking.

* Don’t you love it when I address politics? I can hear you now: “Shut up and write about sports, Lutz.”

* I rarely watch Jay Leno or David Letterman. It’s not that I’m not up late, I just don’t watch. I wonder why?

* Give me Jon Stewart any day, although he’s on a half hour before either Leno or Letterman. And I often forget to watch him. I’m a mess.

* After all these years, “60 Minutes” is still the best news magazine out there. Scott Pelley is on par with any of the great TV news reporters/anchors of the past.

* I still smile inside when the Dallas Cowboys lose a football game.

* I’m often asked about how, growing up and living in this area my entire life, I never became a Chiefs or Royals fan. I don’t really have an answer. It just didn’t happen. And I turned out fine. OK, that’s a matter of opinion.

* I’ve started getting out of bed about 90 minutes before I used to and getting some work done before I go to work. It’s been a good thing. And I’m discovering early mornings are a good time to be productive.

* I will be interested to hear later today what the fans of the old Wings thought about the new Wings experience last night at Hartman Arena. Feel free to tell me here.

* I have high hopes for “Tower Heist.” Is Eddie Murphy back?

* What does it say about me that I could not care less about Kim Kardashian and her 72-day marriage. If it says I’m old and out of touch, then I’m old and out of touch. But I think those of you who do care about this are terribly void of anything interesting in your lives. So there.

* Happy birthday on Sunday to the Eagles’ Glenn Frey, who turns 63. I feel like I know these guys in the Eagles. Or at least helped support them.

* I’ll bet I couldn’t name more than half of the NBA coaches.

* As always, thanks for reading my blog. I’ll be back later today with some predictions and soon an update on another former Wings player, Dale Ervine.