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Photos from mule deer country

Even though I didn't get even close to bow range of these huge mule deer bucks just seeing them was worth the drive to western Kansas. The buck on the right is probably 30-32 inches wide.I’ve spent most of this week in the Smoky Hills of far western Kansas, trying to get a nice mule deer buck with my bow. So far I’ve had a couple of “almosts” with my bow but my cameras have been scoring time after time.The nearly vertical canyons and rock outcroppings add to the scenery of the Smoky Hills of western Kansas.Here are three of the estimated 500-600 photos I’ve shot in the past few days. It’s going to take me several hours just go through the shots after this trip and get a photo gallery completed.

Stay tuned, I think you’ll enjoying many of the photos yet to come.

Wish me luck on Friday’s hunt. Twice a good friend and I have made nice, long stalks and gotten well within bow range of a great buck only to have one of his does blow our cover. Arghhhhh

With or without a mule deer buck I’ll head home that afternoon.. No matter, I’ll be heading home realizing I spent most of a week in what I consider my favorite part of Kansas.

I can’t wait until I get to return.A herd of antelope run full-speed through Wednesday's heavy snow and fog in the Smoky HIlls of far western Kansas.