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Q&A with Evansville's Colt Ryan

Evansville junior Colt Ryan (photo courtesy Evansville sports information department)Evansville junior guard Colt Ryan is a preseason All-MVC selection. As a sophomore, he led the Aces in scoring (15.7 points a game) steals (40), free throw accuracy (87.4 percent) and minutes a game (32.5).

Q. Which non-conference game are you most looking forward to?

A. There’s a lot of big games that we have. I would have to say it would probably be Butler, seeing how it is the first one, the first game in the new arena (Evansville’s Ford Center). They’re national runner-ups. We were able to beat them last year up at their place and I know they’ll be gunning for us at our place.

Q. What is your favorite class at Evansville?

A. I just switched my major to accounting. All my accounting classes I’m enjoying. Probably my favorite one would be intermediate accounting. A lot of people would probably call me crazy, because that’s the weed-out class. I’m really enjoying it. I find it interesting from the business side of things. It makes feel like I know what’s going on on in the economy.

Q. Where is your favorite MVC road arena to visit?

A. The Valley has a lot of great away arenas. Obviously, Wichita State’s is very nice, with a very good basketball atmosphere. Missouri State has a really nice arena. Creighton is also a very nice arena to play in.

Q. Who is the player on your team who might emerge from the background this season?

A. Lewis Jones has been doing really well this year. He’s a junior and he’s been trying to gain the knowledge to play. He’s really getting comfortable. If we can get him to play consistently, he can do big things for us.

Q. Is the NBA lockout bothering you?

A. A little bit. I really like watching the NBA, especially the different highlights, not so much the actual games. Some of the guys on my team, they’re saying if the NBA lockout doesn’t end . . .they wish it would get over just so they didn’t have to see the baseball highlights.