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West-side Box Central to move and add U-Haul rentals

WICHITA — Box Central, the company Clif and Sherilyn Elder started after buying the Love Box factory outlet stores in 2006, is expanding.

The Elders are moving their west-side store from 2,750 square feet at Central and St. Paul to 6,000 square feet at the southwest corner of Douglas and West streets.

"We have added U-Haul to our mix along with packaging and shipping," Clif Elder says.

There's another U-Haul outlet near where the Elders will be operating. Clif Elder says a U-Haul district manager explained that that's a corporate store that uses an answering service.

"The guy said a lot of people don't like that," Elder says. "He said they have to wait for a call back."

The Elders are adding U-Haul rentals to their almost 3,000-square-foot east-side store near Central and Edgemoor as well.

"All we're going to do here is we may have, like, a truck and a trailer showing that they're available," Clif Elder says.

The Elders also are looking at adding climate-controlled storage units at their new west-side space.

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate and Don Ablah of Classic Real Estate handled the deal for the space, which Box Central should be in by no later than the 15th.