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Obama, candidates spinning job numbers

President Obama boasted during his bus tour that we have "created 2 million private-sector jobs over the last 17 months." But as a Washington Post fact-checker noted, though this is true, Obama is "cherry-picking the best possible job number he could find" by counting from the recession's lowest point. If jobs are measured from the start of Obama's presidency, which is how it is usually done, there have been nearly 2.4 million jobs lost since Obama took office. Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry claimed last week that Obama "has killed more jobs in America than I think any president in history, certainly in my lifetime." But as the Post's fact-checker noted, Obama "became president in the midst of the worst recession of our lifetimes — and it seems a real stretch to make him personally responsible for every one of those lost jobs, without bothering to offer a shred of evidence for the claim."