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Brownback's claims about grant don't make sense

A New York Times editorial noted the inconsistency in Gov. Sam Brownback's stated reasons for returning a $31.5 million federal grant to set up an online health insurance exchange — a move it described as "a foolhardy indulgence of partisan ideology." It noted that by rejecting the money, Kansas likely will either have to pay to design its own exchange or use a federal model. "Surely such an outcome would be self-defeating for conservative zealots criticizing the health care law and President Obama in the name of states' rights and resistance to big-government diktat," it said. The editorial also found Brownback's concern about "much uncertainty" over the federal government's ability to meet its obligations to be intriguing, considering his previous service as a U.S. senator. "In that role," the editorial noted, "he offered unalloyed support for the Bush administration's enormous tax cuts and Iraq War spending that added to the federal deficit and debt that now concern him so."