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Kobach should listen to election officials

Secretary of State Kris Kobach wants lawmakers to move up the start date for when people registering to vote have to provide proof of U.S. citizenship, making it March 2012 rather than January 2013. But people who actually run the elections oppose the change, the Lawrence Journal-World reported. Don Merriman, Saline County clerk and president of the Kansas County Clerks and Election Officials Association, said there already are major election changes to implement for 2012. "We are going to have enough of a struggle," Merriman said. Douglas County Clerk Jamie Shew also warned against rushing the change. Voting is a constitutional right, "so you don't want to make a decision on the fly about who gets to participate and who doesn't get to participate," he said. But Kobach didn't care when clerks said there wasn't a problem with election fraud, so he is unlikely to follow their advice this time either.