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Ian Seau is his own man at K-State

When Kansas State signed Ian Seau as a defensive end last spring, he was understandably hyped.

As the nephew of former NFL linebacker Junior Seau, that comes with the territory.

Even if Ian Seau, a freshman, is only a fraction as good as his uncle was back in the day, that means good things for the Wildcats. Take a look at Junior Seau's list of accomplishments: Twelve pro-bowl selections, two Super Bowl appearances, 1,849 tackles, 56.5 sacks and All-American status as a senior at Southern California.

Surely, he tutored his nephew and helped him become the three-star prospect who appealed to K-State coaches. Think of all the stories Ian Seau could tell. They've got to be legendary, right?

"No, not really," Ian Seau said.


"He was in the league (NFL) most of my life," Ian Seau added. "I watched him on TV and everything, but I pretty much went on my own." (more…)