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Carr comment still getting reaction

A recent comment by New York Times media columnist David Carr (in photo)  likening people who live in Kansas and Missouri to Neanderthals is still getting reaction, locally and nationally:

“More than an apology is needed. I think he needs to resign. And if he does not resign, I think the management at the New York Times should fire him for this egregious statement and misconduct." — Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn, during Wednesday's commission meeting

"This leads to death camps. These are the kinds of words that have always, since the history of progressivism, since it began, always led to mass death, because you haven't evolved enough." — Glenn Beck, on his radio show

"How could we forget all of the genocides that began by offhanded remarks made on late-night talk shows?" — Justin Kendall, Kansas City's Pitch Weekly blog

"Clearly, Carr was making a joke, or was using hyperbole to deride red state vs. blue state politics. Yes, what he said was offensive and dopey, but to immediately compare it to death camps not only trivializes that tragic chapter in world history, the greater offense, but it infantilizes Midwesterners." — Colby Hall,

"Get over it, Midwesterners. You can't even figure out what's a joke and what's not. No wonder people think you're dumb." — Hamilton Nolan, Gawker