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Turns out Carr is from a 'middle' place, too

New York Times media columnist and former Minnesotan David Carr likened people who live in Kansas, Missouri and "the middle places" to Neanderthals on "Real Time With Bill Maher," suggesting "that's the dance of the low, sloping foreheads." Afterward, a regretful Carr turned to Twitter:

"Have always enjoyed #TheTwitter setting on fresh pickings when somebody said something dumb. Then my turn came."

"I hate being the guy who condescends, however accidently, to those pple that make America cool and fun."

"To all of America, at least the middle place that I come from, I apologize for saying something so, so dumb on Bill Maher last night."

"Live tv will get away from you and you will say some stupid stuff. which I did."

"There was a second beat to that thought I never got to. But my Mpls. brothers are smacking me down. hard. all deserved."