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Pioneer Balloon worker wins Hallmark card contest

WICHITA — Julie Conner does a lot of writing in her day job in the marketing department at Pioneer Balloon, but she may have a future as a greeting card writer, too.

Conner entered a Hallmark contest to write a caption for a birthday card. She's one of 39 winners nationally and now has a chance to have her caption turned into an actual card.

"I'm hoping that maybe it will be one of those," Conner says.

Even if it's not, she's thrilled to have won and receive $250 for basically making fun of her husband, Chris.

Conner snapped a photo of her husband on the teacup ride at Walt Disney World. His eyes were closing, which made him look as if he were about to be ill.

She used the picture with the caption: "Now that you're older, it might be best to avoid the spinning rides. Hold on tight and have a great birthday!"