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The new and correct pronunciation for Shocker freshman

When men’s basketball player Ede Egharevba signed with Wichita State in April, I knew fans needed a pronunciation.

I asked his coach. I asked him. I was sure I got it right. Turns, out I got it wrong. I’m blaming my cell phone connection. I talked to Egharevba this week and got the correct pronunciation. I recorded it, so I can listen to it every day until it rolls off my tongue as easily as Ragland, Smith and Hall.

Here it is: e-GOD-e-vuh.

I’m glad I’m not Mike Kennedy, who will have to decipher that for Dave Dahl.

Egharevba’s first name is easy – pronounced Eddie. If you’re watching pickup games this summer, he is the slender guy with the orange shoes. If you’re brave, take a run at his last name and let me know how you do.