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Squeezer's Palace to reopen in Riverside

WICHITA — Longtime Wichitans will remember the former Squeezer's Palace in Riverside, and now Kirk David hopes to introduce a new generation to the concept.

"It's really kind of a goody shack," he says of the business. "Squeezer's was primarily known for its ice cream and fruit cups."

David, who is 55, says, "People my age and older have fond memories of this place. It was . . . very unique, very hippie. It was just one of those places."

The new Squeezer's Palace will be in the 144-square-foot building across from the Riverside Perk at 11th Street and Bitting.

The original Squeezer's Palace was several blocks from there.

"The whole deal with it was really the feel of it," David says. "What it is is kind of old hippie-dippy kind of graphics."

He's also going for a look "that exudes peace and love and all that kind of stuff."A menu from the original Squeezer's Palace.He got the idea a couple of years ago when someone showed him a former Squeezer's Palace menu.

"I looked at it, and I thought, why couldn't something like that work now?"