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Monday K-State Links

– Daniel Thomas made a guest appearance at a junior football camp in Pratt. According to The Pratt Tribune’s Grant Guggisberg, who caught up with the former K-State running back in a short interview, the NFL lockout hasn’t slowed his development with the Miami Dolphins.“I've been working out with the team and I've got the playbook and everything. I've worked with the quarterbacks to learn the system and everything, so there's ways of working around it. Hopefully we can get started more in July.”– After a strong year in numerous sports, K-State put out this article on its successes.

– Some good quarterbacks came out of college in 2009. Has Josh Freeman become the best NFL player of the bunch? Two ESPN experts debate the topic.

– K-State fans who still haven’t gotten over the penalty issued to Adrian Hilburn at the end of the Pinstripe Bowl had to be throwing their hands up in disgust when they saw this celebration from the United States Men’s National Soccer Team yesterday.

After scoring the first goal of a 2-0 win over Jamaica, Jermaine Jones ran to midfield and celebrated with — what else? — a salute. In soccer, you have to go WAY overboard to earn a celebration penalty, so it comes as no surprise that the game continued without incident. But when Jones later said it was, “A nice little gift,” to his dad on Father’s Day and a sign of respect it certainly reminded me of what Hilburn said in New York.