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So they said

"When you're out of politics, people think you weren't so bad after all." — former Sen. Bob Dole, during his visit to Russell

"Articulate and a good speaker. As long as the teleprompter is working, he'll be OK." — Dole again, on President Obama's re-election campaign

"Roy made me a better senator. I realized that you pay attention to Kansans first." — Dole again, on his 1974 re-election challenger, Democratic Rep. Bill Roy

"The Russians would have been proud." — Ed McKechnie of Arcadia, joking about how quickly he was nominated and elected chairman of the Kansas Board of Regents

"Isn't politics great? If we didn't have something to complain about, we wouldn't have politics." — Senate Majority Leader Jay Emler, R-Lindsborg, on Democrats' griping about the governor's trip unveiling transportation plan projects