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Mountain lions in towns

This week mountain lions shot in El Paso and Kearney, Nebraska made the news. In both cases police made the decision to kill the animals to prevent a possible injury to town residents or pets.

CLICK HERE to read about the El Paso mountain lion.

CLICK HERE to read about the Kearney mountain lion.

You wonder what must have been going through the minds of law enforcement when they have to fire shots at an animal in the middle of town, with homes and businesses all around.

Shoot the animal or take a chance on it injuring a person? Tough, split-second decision with plenty of detractors either way. Me, I’ll side with safety for humans every time.

A little more background digging on the Nebraska cat showed they’d had several killed or found dead within the past year or two.

No doubt more and more cats seem to be moving south and east from the Black Hills of South Dakota and Pine Ridge area of Nebraska.

Anyone want to guess when the first one will be shot in a Kansas town?

I’m guessing late 2012 in Kansas City, Kansas near the Missouri River.