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Crown Uptown Theatre has an almost $62,000 tax lien

WICHITA — Crown Uptown Theatre is almost $62,000 behind in federal taxes, but Robert Brinkley says he's on a payment plan and that the business won't be affected.

"Our doors are open, and we remain in business," he says. "We are planning on having a successful future here."

Brinkley is president of Uptown Management Group, which took over the theater near Douglas and Hillside in 2009.

He says the delinquent taxes are from 2009 and early 2010.

"I had a bookkeeper here who wasn't keeping up on it," Brinkley says.

He says he's fired that person.

"It's real frustrating for me right now," Brinkley says.

He says if it were a busier time of the year — such as the holiday season — he would have written a check to cover the taxes.

"We use that business to help us survive through the first three lean months of the year," Brinkley says.

"We're just treading water till we get to the busy time of our business."