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Fish worth up to $2.2 million could be swimming in Kansas water soon

Within a few weeks, fish worth up to $2.2 million could be swimming in Kansas waters.Largemouth bass are one of several species to be tagged in Cabela's Wanna Go Fishing For Millions contest.A press release from Cabela’s “Wanna Go Fishing For Millions” program said about 60 lakes in about 19 states will soon be stocked with specially tagged fish. Anglers will have from May 14 to July 14 to catch the tagged fish and redeem them for assorted prizes up to $2.2 million.

Contestants using equipment made by Cabela’s and other sponsors are awarded the highest prizes.

The Kansas Department of  Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is cooperating with the program. Lakes where the fish will be tagged haven’t been named.

Species included are largemouth, smallmouth and striped bass, walleye and trout.

More details about registering to fish in the event will be released soon.