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Frank Martin feels for Pat Knight

When Frank Martin heard Texas Tech had fired Pat Knight on Monday, the Kansas State basketball coach felt for his colleague.

“It’s the ugly side of this business,” Martin said Monday evening. “I’d rather not comment. I’ll probably get myself in trouble if I say what I feel.”

Knight, who took over the Red Raiders from his father, Bob, in February 2008, guided Texas Tech to a 13-18 overall record this season and a 5-11 mark in Big 12 play. His overall record was 50-60, and included zero trips to the NCAA Tournament. He will stay on as coach during the Big 12 Tournament.

During his brief time as head coach in Lubbock, he established a friendship with Martin. The two regularly dined with each other the night before their teams played. Martin is confident Knight will coach again.

“He’ll survive,” Martin said. “Pat is one of the good guys in this business. He does his job the right way, and it’s … we all understand what we get into when we sign up for this job. When good guys get let go, it’s something I don’t enjoy seeing.”