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Deb Patterson enjoys tournament format

Kansas State women’s basketball coach Deb Patterson will take her team to Kansas City this week to compete in the Big 12 Tournament at Municipal Auditorium.

It’s a trip she looks forward to both for what is at stake and for the location/setting.

Each of the Wildcats’ games, which begin at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday against either Nebraska or Iowa State, will take place in a venue she likes and is down the street from the Sprint Center, where the men’s Big 12 Tournament is played.

There is always talk of splitting up the men and women, and playing their tournaments in separate cities. But Patterson enjoys things just the way they are.

“I just love the opportunity for our fans to be able to support us and to be there,” Patterson said. “They’ve always been great hosts as far as I’m concerned, there in Kansas City. Our program has never had one problem in all the years we’ve been in Kansas City. (more…)