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Tiny fawn great west Wichita photo find

With a lawn that  borders farm fields Alan Disney sees so much wildlife in his west Wichita yard he keeps a camera with a telephoto lens by the window at all times.Alan Disney thinks the tiny fawn with wobbly legs he photographed in his yard was probably only a few hours old.About a week ago  Disney got photos he may never top with these shots of a wobbly-legged fawn.Alan Disney got several good photos of this tiny fawn in his backyard in the Auburn Hills area of west Wichita.“It seems like every day something else is coming through the yard,” said Disney, a retired fire-fighter. “We get a lot of turkeys and I’ve seen a lot of deer.”

Disney said he cautiously approached the tiny fawn as the maternal doe watched from just outside his lawn.

“I know it couldn’t have been very old because it was kind of wobbly as it tried to get around,” Disney said.

The fawn eventually joined the doe and left.

He’s seen the fawn and doe several times since. The young whitetail has gained coordination and strength quickly.