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Brownback wants more flexibility on Medicaid

Gov. Sam Brownback provided an opposing view to a USA Today editorial today on health care reform. The paper applauded President Obama for calling the bluff of GOP governors by telling them that if they could achieve the same reform results through another approach, he was all for it. "Governors who believe that Obamacare is a bad idea should jump at the chance to prove their ideas are better," the editorial said. "Unless all they really want to do is complain." Brownback didn't respond directly to the health care reform proposal. Instead, he argued that the federal government needed to remove its "maintenance of effort" spending requirement on Medicaid and grant "a global waiver to give interested states the flexibility they need today to remake Medicaid without the unnecessary rules and regulations of the federal government." He contended that "these changes would allow states to reform Medicaid, provide better service to our neediest citizens and balance our budgets."