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Hope for next season

One of the lowest lows in bowhunting is not getting a buck you liked, despite an opportunity.

One of the highest highs is when you learn that buck made it through deer seasons and could be around next year…only bigger.On Nov. 19 and 20 I headed to our farm planning to hunt a favored stand with the predicted south wind. The wind was wrong so I couldn't hunt it and a trail camera showed a very nice ten-pointer has passed that stand twice. This Jan. photo shows the buck survived the gun season. Last fall a trail camera showed a pretty nice 10-pointer at our farm, passing a stand I’d planned on hunting but couldn’t because the wind was wrong that morning.

We’d never seen him before and wondered if he was just passing through or if he’d get shot during gun season.

Sunday I checked a trail camera placed in early January and the buck was on it several times every day until the batteries died.On March 6 we found the shed antlers of a unique buck that passed under my stand on Nov. 19. The find bodes well for next season.While on that trip on Nov. 19 I sat in another stand and had a unique buck pass within 12 yards. He had a typical 10-point frame with two extra tines on one side and one on the other.

He had my interest but luckily I didn’t get him shot.

We found both of his sheds on a food plot Sunday morning. The buck sheered one tine after I’d seen him but also appears to be pretty young. Both antlers showed bumps of more stickers and tines to come.

Several other shed antlers from young bucks were also on the plot. Several others were on the trail cam.

Six weeks ago I was so thankful deer seasons were over. I’ll spend the next six months thinking next season can’t arrive fast enough.