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Twisted Cow yogurt shop to open in Newton

Newton is not going to be left out of the yogurt craze.

A group of Hesston residents and friends are opening Twisted Cow in 1,507 square feet at 1400 S. Kansas Ave. in Newton. That's in the parking lot of the south Dillons.

Carol Raleigh says she was traveling out of state when she discovered the frozen yogurt trend. She says this was before the Wichita area started getting Orange Leaf yogurt shops.

"We loved the idea and wanted to do it," she says.

"I had looked into franchises," Raleigh says of several she considered. "I couldn't, first of all, get anyone to respond to me."

Then she and her partners encountered what she calls "very high" franchise fees.

They decided to create their own shop, which will feature 10 types of frozen yogurt and about 35 toppings, such as fresh fruit, nuts and candy.

Customers will pay by the ounce.

Raleigh's partners are her husband, Greg, and Roni and John Caffrey and brothers Rick and Bruce Weaver.

Carol Raleigh says there could be more Twisted Cows to come.

"We have talked that that would be a possibility," she says.

"We want to make sure that we nail this one first and make sure that it is everything we want."

Look for a May 1 opening.