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It depends on chamber's definition of 'neutral'

The president of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce wrote in a letter to the editor that his organization is "neutral" on whether the state should repeal last year's statewide sales-tax increase, and that it is not "opposed" to the repeal, as I wrote in a column and the Topeka Capital-Journal reported. But the chamber has an odd definition of "neutral." In prepared testimony last week before the House Taxation Committee, J. Kent Eckles, vice president of government affairs at the state chamber, said the chamber was "'neutral' on this bill because we would prefer the committee consider not repeal(ing) the recently enacted sales-tax increase as written in law (in 2013) and continue to use those revenues to offset the elimination of the corporate income tax.” So "neutral" means not wanting the sales tax repealed? And how is that not a flip-flop from the chamber's fierce opposition last year to the sales-tax increase?