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A Dave Stallworth update, and more

At every Wichita State home basketball game, I look across the way to see if Shocker legend Dave Stallworth is in his customary seat.

He hasn’t been for most of this season. He wasn’t at Tuesday night’s loss to Southern Illinois (good for him) and neither was I (good for me). And he’s been to only one game that I know of this season.

That has troubled me. Stallworth is Mr. WSU, an All-American for some of the greatest Shocker teams of all-time during the earlyDave Stallworth (9) in a New York Knicks team picture from their championship season in 1969-70. Can you identify the other stars of the team? Former WSU teammate Nate Bowman (17) is in the photo, as are the likes of Willis Reed, Bill Bradley, Walt Frazier and Dave DeBusschere.1960s. He was involved in some legendary games and you could always depend on Stallworth to close the deal in a tight game.

I talked to him Wednesday afternoon and he assured me that his health is OK. He has had, he said, some heart issues in the past year, but he thinks the worst of that is behind him and he plans on attending Wichita State’s final home game of the regular season on Feb. 23 against Creighton.

That’ll be Senior Night and the Shocker seniors should definitely be the center of attention. But I hope WSU officials acknowledge Stallworth, who for my money is the greatest Shocker of all-time. And I recognize just how great of a player Xavier McDaniel was when he was at Wichita State. It’s no slight to McDaniel to consider Stallworth as the best WSU player in history.

Stallworth, incredibly, will turn 70 this year, in December. I was a kid when I watched him perform for the Shockers and, as I’ve said and written many times, he is the player most responsible for my love of basketball. I idolized Stallworth as a kid second only to St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bob Gibson. They are my two favorite athletes ever.

It’s still a thrill for me to talk to Stallworth, even when the conversation is brief. He sounded in good spirits Wednesday and would probably not like it one bit that I was writing about his health. Fortunately, I doubt he’s an avid reader of my blog.

“I’m feeling OK, I’m OK now,” Stallworth said. “I had a little heart problem, it’s been about a year. But everything is good.”

Stallworth, like all Shocker fans, was disgusted by Tuesday night’s loss to a depleted and disheartened Southern Illinois team, which rose to the challenge and played its best game of the season. Still, it was a loss to a team that should never have been able to come into Koch Arena and beat the Shockers.

“Man, they can’t close,” Stallworth said of Wichita State. “They really don’t have those type of players. Once you get a team down, you’ve got to put  your foot on them.”

Stallworth was unable to make it to last Saturday night’s game against Illinois State, during which members of the 1965 Final Four team were honored at halftime. Only a few of those players were in town, and Stallworth, who graduated at the semester break of the 1964-65 season and thus didn’t play in the Final Four, talked to former teammate Dave Leach via telephone.

Leach was one of the players in town for Saturday’s ceremony. He lives in Boise, Idaho.

Some quick hits:

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