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Connie's Mexico Cafe improves facade

UPDATED — Thanks to facade grant money from the city, Connie's Mexico Cafe is getting a new exterior on its almost 100-year-old building at 2227 N. Broadway.

"We're going to get a facelift, so to speak, and change the front look," says owner Carmen Rosales.

There's scaffolding in front of the building, which has made some people wonder.

"Thankfully, it was not another car (or) truck wreck," Rosales says, alluding to three vehicles that have hit the building since Connie's opened in 1963.

The new exterior will "just give it a stucco flair," Rosales says.

"It's just always been an ugly brick with broken windows and everything."

The restaurant will remain open as the work is done.

The interior won't be changed since it was already updated after the last wreck in 2004. Nor will there be any more fortifications added against future possible wrecks since that's already been done, too.

"We've done our best," Rosales says.

She's already thinking ahead a couple of years to how she might celebrate the building's 100th birthday.

"That's quite a deal, you know, to have a structure that's lasted that long," Rosales says.

She's not sure how she'll celebrate, but she'd like to do something.

"That would be cool."