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Super Bowl: The day after

Thoughts on the Super Bowl, as if anybody’s thoughts on the Super Bowl are needed:

I love Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers. I’ve heard all the debate today about where Rodgers stands now among current NFL quarterbacks. Most of the experts rightly put him in the top five. I’ll do even better. I think Rodgers is top three. In fact, after New England’s Tom Brady, the league’s unanimous MVP, who would you rather have?

Peyton Manning? OK, I understand that. But Manning isn’t getting any younger.

Drew Brees? He’s great, no doubt about it. But isn’t Rodgers just a smidgen better?

Philip Rivers? Great arm. Big guy. But he needs to do more than he’s done and so does his team.

Ben Roethlisberger? Two Super Bowl victories means a lot. And he’s been to a third. But Big Ben really hasn’t played that well in any of his Super Bowl appearances. Rephrase that, he hasn’t played great.

There’s something different about Rodgers. It’s noticeable when he releases the football. His pass just looks different. He has incredible arm strength. If you ask Green Bay receivers, I’ll bet they say it takes total concentration to catch one of Rodgers’ balls because they’re thrown with such zip and precision.

Give Packers coach Mike McCarthy for one of the best one-season jobs in NFL history. Look at all the injuries he had to deal with. Look how he kept his team together. Look how he pieced together a running game when he had to, but had the intelligence to realize the Packers were going to go as far as Rodgers took them.

I’m not a fan of head coaches calling the offensive plays (are you listening, Todd Haley?), but McCarthy was masterful. He utilized the weapons he had, namely a great quarterback and a deep receiving corps, to win a Super Bowl.

I don’t mind talented singers putting their own stamp on “The Star Spangled Banner.” I want to hear a singer sing. That’s whatChristina Aquilera hits a notesingers do, last I checked. But Christian Aguilera, who we know is a great singer, had a meltdown before the Super Bowl.

She butchered the words. Her interpretation of the song fell short. And she didn’t look great. Sorry if that’s over the line, but Aguilera’s looks are part of her appeal and don’t tell me they aren’t.

The Black Eyed Peas had a halftime performance to forget, too. It was a spectacle and the Peas were swallowed up in the choreography. And why was former Guns ‘N Roses guitarist Slash invited? I love “Sweet Child ‘O Mine; it’s one of my all-time favorite songs. But the Peas’ Fergie isn’t Axl Rose, and that’s not a song I need to hear unless Axl is singing it. It’s got a great guitar riff, but it’s the vocals that make the song.

I watched the commercials. I give “Doritos” the trophy for the best group of ads during the game. But it was tough for me not to switch channels during breaks in the game. I’m a habitual channel changer. Thank goodness my wife was in the room with me to force me to stay on Fox. And while some of the commercials were creative and cute, none will make me go out and buy their product. And isn’t that what advertising is designed to do?

My Facebook friend

Brian RaderBrian RaderBrian is in a band, which automatically makes him cool. I so wish I was in a band. But I suppose it would be easier if I could play an instrument or sing. Actually, I can sing a little bit. But not enough. Makes me sad.

Anyway, Brian is one of those FB friends I’ve never met. At least I don’t think I’ve ever met him. My memory isn’t what it used to be. He’s in the band “Poultry N Motion,” a name that intrigues me. His group is playing Saturday night at Pat N Bros Bar and Grill, 1111 E. Lincoln. One of these days – maybe Saturday – I’ll check it out.

Here’s what Brian had to say about himself and about our growing FB relationship:

I am a lifelong Wichita resident. I’ve had the pleasure of reading Bob’s column in the paper for many years. What is great is that Bob is everywhere now, Facebook, The radio show, and rumor has it on stages singing.

What I appreciate about Bob is that he is just as cynical as I am. You have to appreciate someone who speaks their mind. Bob just recently made big brownie points with me when he posted the following on Facebook. “If I hear you’re not taking care of your pets in this weather muck, you’re going to have to deal with me. And you don’t want that.” As a multiple pet owner, and a volunteer at the Kansas Humane Society, that speaks volumes. Translation: Bob has a few soft spots in his heart.

My new challenge is to get Bob out to sing with a real band. Preferably my band, Poultry N Motion. What say you Bob?