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New Rylee & Reece owners are moving the shop to NewMarket Square

WICHITA — Tiffany Garner has shopped at the Rylee & Reece children's boutique at Comotara Center at least once a season since it opened 3 1/2 years ago.

"It's just the best store," she says. "It's just got great kids clothes, very unique things you can't find at other places."

So when she heard it was closing, she acted fast.

"A month and a half later, here we are," says Garner, who bought the business with her mother, Lynette.

Krista Hunt and her mother, Phyllis Rose, opened Rylee & Reece and named it after Hunt's children.

They're now 5 and 4.

"I'm home with my little ones quite a bit," Hunt says.

That means Rose has been at the store quite a bit, but she's ready to retire and spend more time with her grandkids, which is why they're selling.

The Garners are moving the business from Comotara at 29th and Rock Road to NewMarket Square at 21st and Maize.

April Reed of Slawson Cos. handled the deal for the 2,000-square-foot space. It's where Wells Fargo was previously.