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Insights from an assistant: Moving on without Wally Judge, beating Nebraska

Few know more about the Kansas State basketball team than its assistant coaches. Here at K-Stated, we realize this. That’s why we are proud to interview Brad Underwood on a regular basis and pass along his insightful comments. The highlights this week: Moving on without Wally Judge, hitting the recruiting trail to replace him and what it meant to beat Nebraska.

Wally Judge deciding to leave has been the main topic of conversation this week. So let’s start there. Were you surprised to show up to work Monday and learn he had quit the team?

“I didn’t see it coming. He had been an active participant the game before. He played a lot of minutes against Kansas. There had been no sign of it from my standpoint. He had practiced well. He had not played great in the Kansas game, but he had great energy.

“It’s hard to tell sometimes what goes through a young man’s mind and what leads him to the decisions he makes. He walked in, talked to Frank (Martin) and that was the end. But, again, there was no indication, because he had played sparingly in the five previous games. All of a sudden he plays against Kansas and it looks like he was doing OK. I really wish I had a great explanation for you, but I sure don’t.” (more…)