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Brooklyn's Chophouse & Brew Tavern owner faces lawsuit and bankruptcy

WICHITA — Last week, Brooklyn's Chophouse & Brew Tavern owner David Chaffin said he was selling memorabilia left from when the business was Players Sports Bar & Grill in a restructuring effort to pay debt.

It turns out the restructuring is a little more serious than that.

Chaffin is about to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the Bank of Kansas is suing him for more than $1.7 million plus almost $60,000 in interest.

"This is just business," Chaffin says of the bank having to protect itself "in writing."

He thinks the memorabilia sale is what prompted the lawsuit.

"I think that forced their hand," Chaffin says.

Bank president Pat Gearhart declined to comment on the lawsuit.

The person who loaned Chaffin the money for the memorabilia has a lien on it for about $130,000, Chaffin says. He says any proceeds from the Feb. 8 sale will then go to the bank.

"They just had to make sure they get that," Chaffin says.

"We will work it out with the bank. There's no advantage for the bank to foreclose on us."