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100 degree swing in a few days

Wow. What a difference a few days can make. Saturday afternoon was so warm and calm I repeatedly had to stop and let Hank rest as we made a sneak on a flock of wild turkeys.The temperature was in the low 70s on Saturday's hunt for turkeys.I was afraid his loud panting would spook the birds so I had him stay 20-30 yards behind me as I sneaked along wearing a t-shirt. We eventually got downwind of the flock of about 70 birds and I sent the Lab charging forward for a good scatter.

We had to head to the truck for drinks and a few minutes in the shade before heading to the tall grass where the flock had scattered and Hank flushed a small bunch from a plum thicket like over-sized quail. Getting the bird I shot out of the heat and cooled was a concern.

And then Monday I was dressed to the max in single-digit windchills as I attended a shooting preserve pheasant hunt for some Fort Riley soldiers.Windchills are currently about -30 as Fort Riley soldiers prepare to head out on a shooting preserve pheasant hunt.They swear they’re hunting again today when windchills may reach -30.

That would basically mean a 100-degree swing in a few days. It will be so cold I’m not sure if I’ll head home after lunch or stay another day and try it tomorrow. Any kind of problem on these barren back roads in this kind of cold can get very serious in a hurry.

Welcome to Kansas, I guess.