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Bradley at Wichita State

Shocker senior Graham HatchSeveral times earlier this season, I watched WSU senior Graham Hatch make one of his usual hustle plays and thought “Boy, I’m going to miss watching him play next season.” I suspect I’m not alone.

Then those Hatch moments disappeared around the time MVC play started. He just wasn’t playing like we expect. Pretty soon, it became evident Ben Smith out-played him most nights. Coach Gregg Marshall stuck with Hatch as a starter, while often playing Smith as many or more minutes.

I talked to Hatch about the past month for Sunday’s WSU notebook, so you can read more about it then. He’s healthy. He knows he’s been off since MVC play started. He hopes a solid effort against Southern Illinois on Wednesday is a good start to a good finish. Smith is playing well in MVC games, but Hatch is a senior who’s been through this before. That showed at SIU in ways that don’t show up in his stat line, and I think WSU is better with a full-speed Hatch softening up the opponent and Smith part of the second wave."If I just focus on being aggressive, and not questioning or doubting myself in any way, going after everything, I think I'll be able to help my team out a little more," he said. "Basketball is all about momentum, getting in a rhythm. A game like (SIU) can really help me out."