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Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe is closing; wholesale business to open in new space

WICHITA — Sugar Sisters Bakery & Cafe is closing Saturday, but a new Sugar Sisters Bakery will soon be opening in a new space.

The three-year-old restaurant has struggled financially and with service issues.

"After three years, we know where our strengths and our weaknesses are," says Patty Sykes, who runs the business with her children.

"We want to continue doing what we're doing, but we've just got to do it in a way that makes money."

Sykes hasn't signed a deal for new space, though she's close.

She also plans to do orders through a new website, and she's been talking to other retail outlets about selling her baked goods through them.

That includes traditional bakery items, such as cakes and cookies, and bierocks and quiches as well.

"We're just going to do what seems like the smart thing to do," Sykes says.

She's selling half the equipment in the restaurant.

Overhead was part of the restaurant's problem, Sykes says.

"It's a beautiful space, and we really like it there," she says. "It just didn't seem to make sense."

The bakery does well, Sykes says, so she thinks the new business will, too.

"It's really more of a cost-cutting measure just so we can stay alive and competitive."