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How Jacob Pullen defended Jimmer Fredette

It’s hard to say a player got shut down when he scored 21 points like Jimmer Fredette did against Kansas State during the NCAA Tournament last season. But anyone who watched the 2011 Player of the Year candidate drop 43 on San Diego State last night knows how phenomenal Jacob Pullen was against him last March.

Especially when you consider Pullen scored 34 points while holding The Jimmer down.

During my weekly chat with K-State assistant Brad Underwood, we got to talking about how fantastic Fredette looked on TV last night, which of course led to some reminiscing.

What did Pullen do so well against a player that now looks like he can’t be guarded?

“Jake did an unbelievable job last year. Jake is a very good on-ball defender, and he sat down and he guarded him. He made it very difficult for him to get where he wanted to go. At the end of that game, I think we had him tired. We had him wore out. We didn’t put him at the line a ridiculous amount of times.

“When you’re a great ball-handler, which Jimmer is, and you’re a great free throw shooter, you become very hard to guard. No one wants to put you on the line. It’s a double-edged sword. He’s going to make both shots, and you’re going to get a foul put on your team. He’s got so much versatility in his game that he’s very difficult to guard. (more…)