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Amazing shed antler found

Any day now I’ll start getting photos of impressive shed antlers people have found. Some will be found on accident while others will be the result of carefully searching favored areas.

Well all you shedaholics, feast your eyes on this shed my friend Mike Miller found near Greensburg last weekend. Yes, it’s from a free-range bull elk.

Miller found the shed antler shortly after hearing about the other side being found earlier by a friend.

He said several people had seen a bull elk in the area about a year ago.

As well as the well-known Fort Riley herd Kansas has several small herds of wild, free-ranging elk. One with several dozen animals is near or along the Arkansas River in far western Kansas.

Single animals have been seen, poached, photographed or road-killed in quite  few places in western and central Kansas.

Gee, I wonder if they’re following mountain lions into the state?