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Sunburst Plaza at 1725 has space left to lease

WICHITA — With the almost 2,100-square-foot Tanya's Soup Kitchen lease, the newly renovated Sunburst Plaza at 1725 still has 6,500 square feet left to lease.

Chris Ruffin, director of real estate for his father Phil Ruffin's Ruffin Properties, is looking to make the building "more of a destination-type shopping area."

Ruffin, a musician, took the Sunburst name and the building's new color from his guitar.

He says Sunburst is the color of a wood stain technique used on Fender and Gibson guitars, and that's where he got the inspiration.

Ruffin says he's talking to some other possible tenants — "some exciting stuff" — but doesn't have anything to announce just yet.