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Wichita State's trap game?

I’m a little basket-balled out, not unusual for such a long and arduous season. And I’m just a sports columnist, so imagine how the coaches and players must feel during the dog days of late January.WSU's Gabe Blair goes high for a basketIt’s a tough times for teams not named Ohio State to find consistency. You see it everywhere. Which is why, I guess, I have such a strange feeling about tonight’s Wichita State game at Southern Illinois.

The Shockers are clearly the better team. SIU is still trying to find its mojo from a few years ago. I’m surprised at how far the Salukis have fallen. At 4-5 in the Valley and 10-10 overall, they are the epitome of mediocrity.

So why do I have this strange feeling?

I’m not sure, really. Just one of those things. I haven’t had it for any of the Shockers’ road games to date and they’re 4-0 on the Valley road.

* Looking forward to finally seeing “The King’s Speech” tonight. All of my friends who have seen the film rave about it, and I mean all of them.

Going to movies is something I love to do, but don’t get the chance as often as I’d like. I have, however, seen six of the 10 movies nominated yesterday for Oscars. Here they are, with a breakdown – percentage wise – of their chance for a victory.

127 Hours – 5 percent

The Fighter – 15 percent

The Kids Are All Right – 2 percent

The Social Network – 30 percent

True Grit – 5 percent

Black Swan – 5 percent

Inception – 3 percent

The King’s Speech – 30 percent

Toy Story 3 – 3 percent

Winter’s Bone – 2 percent

Obviously, I’m on the fence about whether “The King’s Speech” or “The Social Network” wins the Academy Award. What’s really funny is that I haven’t seen either movie. So what am I doing picking the Best Picture winner? Good question. I will see all of these movies – “The Kids Are All Right” and “The Fighter” are movies I also haven’t seen – before the awards ceremony in late April. That’s my vow as a wannabe movie critic.

Some quick hits:

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are 8-37 and have lost 18 games in a row, or to just think they’re pathetic. Since losing at home to LeBron and the Miami Heat way back when, this team has tanked it big time.Connecticut supporter and benefactor Robert Burton strikes me as the type of kid you loved to run into on the playground during grade school. What a spoiled brat.It was fun to see such a good basketball atmosphere last night in Boulder for the Kansas-Colorado game. Former Shocker assistant Tad Boyle has lit a fire under the CU fan base. Can he keep it going?Here’s why Facebook and texting is cool and why I’m not ashamed to admit I’m into both. A little while ago, I received a FB message from former Wichita State center Paul Miller, who is playing professionally overseas. It was just to chit-chat a little bit. Then, just now, I received a return text from another former Shocker, New York Mets pitcher Mike Pelfrey, about doing an interview. Am I name-dropping? Yeah, I suppose so.I will be home tonight in time to watch the San Diego State-BYU game. I don’t care if I’m feeling basketballed-out or not; that’s a game I have to see.I don’t care how much new news comes out, I’m still sick of Jay Cutler and I’m not convinced he couldn’t have sucked it up and played in the second half of the NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers.My favorite musician on the planet, Don Henley, is apparently making a country record in Nashville while the Eagles are on a short hiatus before leaving for the Far East. Henley is collaborating with former Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch, with whom he has worked with extensively in the past. Reportedly, Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn fame and Allison Krauss of Allison Krauss fame have recorded with Henley on his upcoming record. Exciting. Even though I’m not a country music fan, I’d listen to Don Henley sing the phone book.

My Facebook Friend

Janice Louise NewmanNewmanI’ve met Louise once, which she’ll address in a bit. She dated a friend of mine from the newspaper for years and she’s been really active in Wichita’s fitness circles, which probably explains why I haven’t seen her that often. She also worked with a really famous person, who unfortunately just passed away.

It’s good to be the Facebook friend of someone who has obviously led an interesting and cultured life and here is what she has to say about it all:

Have worked in the field of health and fitness for 35 years, moved to Wichita to open an upscale all ladies health club called “Mademoiselle Spa”…obviously everyone knows I used to work with Jack LaLanne and was featured in some of his early exercise videos and did 20/20 with him and Hugh Downs.

You’re my FB friend because we have many mutual friends at the Eagle and when I met you at Mort’s you said you thought I was around 40 years of age, which means you were about 15 years off….you were my new best friend that night, ha!!